Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Introducing my new website...kinda. Hitting this link will take you to the preview page for my new website that will be designed to offer my software, design works and services all focused around a clean and professional design. The launch of the site will also be the launch of the new Orion Project but I will tell you more about that later. The website will offer blogs or 'status updates' for all the software I have available, allowing you to track progress on new versions and when updates are ready, there may also be a company blog but I will keep this google blog as my own personal one. You will be able to download the latest versions of Fern and Waterpoint Manager for PC, possibly preview versions of the Orion apps will be available as well.

It will also offer my design portfolio and in the future may offer some design services. Stay tuned as it will be launched sometime this month (more details closer to release). This release is being made completely with Apple's iWeb application so it will be interesting so see how long it works before I need more. The website is hosted on my new MobileMe service and by default has the standard domain name '' but hopefully for the release I will have a custom domain.

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