Sunday, November 23, 2008

AMD Mockups

As you know I have been learning HTML and CSS etc so to put what I have learnt to good use I have made a new mini site, Alex Mills Design Mockups. Completely hand crafted using Coda as XHTML and uploaded using Transmit, both apps from Panic! Inc. No iWeb or Dreamweaver, straight hand written code which I'm stoked about. I have tested it on the mac with Safari, Camino and Firefox, so windows users if something doesn't work or look right, please drop a comment. It should look like the image above. I have just realized that the table used does not render well on the iPhone so I will check out how to fix it. I will add more mockup designs soon.

It's simple, yes, but we all have to start somewhere. :)

Microsoft Quality

I have a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, its a great comfy design with custom buttons which I use with expose. For a software company, the drivers that accompany their hardware leave a lot to be desired especially on the mac. The mouse driver crashes a lot which sends the curser off in crazy directions but is easily fixed by opening and closing system preferences. I have got used to that but its that image above that annoys the crap out of me. Its saying that I have low batteries in the mouse , giving the option to remind me in a desired amount of days which is great concept... if it worked. No matter what day you pick, the dialog keeps popping up, to the point that you have 30 or so scattered around your screen. I did expect more, especially from the Mac BU devision of Microsoft.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

iTunes proves me wrong: 808s & Heartbreak

So I'm browsing the US itunes store because they get new music around a year before the Australian store and I notice Kanye's new "out of nowhere" album, 808's & Heartbreak is available for pre-order. So I race back to the Aussie store to find that not only is it on the store but its available for purchase! 2 days before the official release! This is an iTunes first, a product is purchasable before the US store, a round of applause people. So I'm thinking that Kanye made a mistake when uploading to the store or Apple has stuffed up, either way someone may be getting in trouble for this. I like to purchase hard copies of special albums like this so I just purchased the song "RoboCop" (I already have Love Lockdown and Heartless) and it's amazing! Probably one the best songs on the album, right next to Coldest Winter. Get this album, it does not disappoint!

P.S. Kanye holds the world iTunes record for the highest release day sales of any artist with his current album, Graduation, lets see if he can break it again!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Coda helps me learn...

At the moment I'm learning how to write websites by hand using XHTML, CSS, and Javascript in a sweet app called Coda from Panic. Coda has a feature called Clips, which allow for code snippets to be saved for later so they can be accessed via double clicking or assigning a text link to it. As in the screenshot below, when I learn how to do something new I add it to the clips manager, some just as reusable code snippets while others contain documentation on that code.

The image below is a reusable code snippet with a selection placeholder, when the code is inserted the curser is placed at this location.

The image below is one that contains several code snippets with documentation that explains types and attributes that can be modified in that snippet.

While it may not be what it was intended for, I find this to be an excellent way to organize what I learn, as they are always a shortcut away inside of my favourite coding app. I have an "xdoc" snippet that includes the namespace, declaration, head & body attributes for an XHTML Transitional document. Saves time and is always there for when I need it. So far so good. Coda is one excellent app!

PS. Hover over the XHTML and CSS :). Those and the links were coded by hand instead of using bloggers editor, so proud of myself.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Official

Today is the day that Alex Mills Design becomes an official Australian Information Media and Publishing business. Soon I will be providing services such as website design, logo and graphics services as well as my software projects. A redesigned website will be coming soon! I was going to hold of on this till next year but a perspective client and family friend expressed interest in me performing a service for him, in return would invest in acquiring me the equipment that I required. Stay tuned as I will be releasing this project :)