Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MobileMe, the experience so far.

Most of you should know what MobileMe is, the slick update to .Mac (if you don't hit the link for the site). I have never used a paid-for web service for my email so Apple have done a good job at luring me in :) As well as a new email (the first since 2004), I have 20GB of storage that will host my under construction website for my published applications as well as photos. Another reason is that my contacts, email and calendars are synced with my Mac, iPhone and webmail. This is my experience so far!

Since the start I have been using the web interface for email instead of because it just looks so darn nice! Unfortunately the looks don't always match the usage which since the start has been rocky. Everything syncs between the devices without trouble but up until recently I could not access my contacts from the new message view which was annoying but this feature was worth the wait as it's very slick. I dont have the fastest internet and I have a feeling MobileMe is resetting before the operation is taking so long to complete, resulting in lost image uploads and emails. On a good day everything appears to be running smoothly but each day it's getting that much faster which is good!

Among the standard sync options is dock, dashboard and notes. I havent had a chance to try these out (only have one mac) but I'm hoping that the iPhone 2.1 update brings the functionality to sync notes from the my iPhone to the MobileMe cloud. This is quite short but over the coming months I will reveal more of my thoughts as at this point it's unfair to gauge something that is not working properly but the future is very bright!

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