Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MobileMe update

Today I received an email from Apple telling me that I would receive a 60 day extension of my MobileMe subscription at no extra charge. They noted in the email that the MobileMe launch wasn't their finest hour and yes while the email issues I have had were a pain, all it took was to tell my clients and teachers that my email provider is having issues and no love was lost. This is an ambitious service, which has been noted before, but it's not everyday that Apple makes a mistake or is not proud of something they have done. It takes honor for a company to announce that to it's customers and just imagine the size of the email Microsoft would send to it's Windows customers. I will keep you updated on this topic but I would recommend leaning off the web interface as I have had a much smoother experience using desktop apps like Mail.app and iPhoto for using the MobileMe services.

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