Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got accepted into Tafe!

Ok so you Aussies will know this is almost nothing due to the fact that almost anyone can get into Tafe, which is cool because that is what it's for. But I thought I would let you guys know that I have been accepted into my Diploma of Electrotechnology course at the eCentral East Perth Campus, which I will be studying while working part time at DigiLife as an Apple Technician. Next year is going to be huge and busy, it's pretty damn scary to think about it but should lead to some bigger opportunities. My main goal is to study programming further after I complete this course, which covers everything from hardware to software to renewable systems. The hardware aspect opens up a whole new window for me and makes my big future project more 'do-able' (think old car and lots and lots of technology). While this blog has been my journey as a developer, it will take on a new role as I leave home (approx 1600km from home) and start a life of my own in the big city which I will document here.

But hey this most important thing is that I got into my course and the new Gym Class Heroes EP, Patches from the Quilt, is insanely awesome! F#*k you this is for my people lol


Anonymous said...

Congratulations man, you desrve it :). Go rock Tafe while i rock Ashesi :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks buddy, doing what we love and hopefully someday it will make us rich lol