Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stunning Interface concept for Mozilla

While browsing the mozillaLabs website, I like to check up on the concept series to see what's new and today I was in for a nice surprise. Azra Raskin has posted a video demonstrating what could happen when you open a new tab in Firefox, exploring some 'zero-cost' concepts but upon visiting his Vimeo profile I came accross the video called 'Bookmarking and History Concept' by Wei Zhou. This concept (and video production) is amazing and makes you sit back an just go 'that is cool!' because you are lost for words. Running this concept for real would require a fair amount of system resources but by the time Firefox 4 comes out we should be ready. My biggest requirement for Ff4 is speed improvements for the Mac, FF2 is twice as fast as FF3 but Camino is quicker than any other browser (on any platform) on the planet! Just quietly Safari 4 is really fast too....Check the video out:

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