Tuesday, August 18, 2009

QuickPost and Tr.im update

Recently Tr.im, the URL shortener service built into QuickPost, announced that they will be not continuing operation. This is an incredible shame as it's a premiere service so it's exciting to see that this morning they announced that the tr.im will become open source in the public domain. 

The last few bugs submitted for QuickPost were in relation to what service we will choose to support, the answer to this will evolve over time but we have decided to go with continued use of Tr.Im. We are looking into the cost and effectiveness of using the source code to derive our own shortener service for QuickPost.

A little update for QuickPost: Its been a fair while since Beta 2 came out and I apologize. Work and intense education commitments take a majority of my time, as well as a new hardware project that I will announce later. Beta 3 is nearly finished and will be released within the next few weeks, good things come to those who wait.