Sunday, December 21, 2008

I is going to see Fall Out Boy in concert!

Just ordered the tickets to go see fall out boy in concert when they come here to Perth! I'm so stoked, I cant friggen wait. 'Take this to your grave' was an excellent album, 'From under the cork tree' wasn't so hot but 'Infinity on high' was a masterpiece. The new 'Folie a deux' is absoluetly amazing with stunning instruments and brilliant lyrics, go out and get it. Or jump on iTunes and at least grab '20 Dollar nose bleed', the horns on it are amazing.

I cant wait till february!

Friday, December 19, 2008

AMD, powered by Panic!

Tonight I completed the purchase of my new web development tools, both from Panic Inc. Apart from the Adobe CS4 tools Coda is my main web development app, as I have found nothing better! It has a brilliant text editor, awesome CSS interface (better than CSSEdit) and fantastic web preview, coupled with the built-in transmit engine making remote file changes easy. I have been using Coda since it came out around a year ago and it just keeps getting better and better!

My FTP app was originally the free Cyberduck but when it's not crashing its transfers were painfully slow so I tried Flow from Extendmac and Transmit from Panic. Flow has a real nice leopard interface but only once in 50 tries was it able to connect to my server. Trasmit is quick, simple and feature packed, plus it actually works with my server! It's rock solid, never crashes and transfer havent failed yet and they are soo fast.

So both of my web development tools come from an independant mac developer, Panic Inc, hopefully more people will stop using the crap that has been coming from companies like Adobe and support the smaller two man teams. The software is better, support is more personal and you put food on the table, what could be better? The guys at Panic are really cool and they make amazing software!

Coda costs $99 here and Transmit costs $29.95 here.

Official Alex Mills Design Wallpaper!

The music for my 18th party soon will come from my Mac so I thought I would do some advertising by first make the biggest AMD Logo ever and turn it into a wallpaper :) 1440 x 900 to be precise. Check it out, its pretty simple but I think it's pretty sweet :)

Check out my Desktop!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Camino 2.0 Alpha 1

Camino, the fastest web browser on the planet (yeah you heard me Safari), an open sourced project based on the Mozilla Gecko Rendering engine. Version 2.0 has been in development for a while and the first alpha has been available since the 21st October. New Features include:

Tab Overview: When you have more than one tab open, the tab overview option spreads them out onto a light table with a screenshot and the page title, allowing you to review and select which one you want. Expose for tabs :)

Recently Closed: Just like Firefox, when you close a tab it appears in the 'recently closed' menu under History though clicking an item opens it in the currently active tab instead of a new one. This should be an option.

Keyboard Support: The keyboard support has been rewritten to squash any previous bugs and provide keyboard access to the find bar, tab bar and pop-up blocker.

Gecko 1.9: Camino 2.0 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Rendering Engine which uses a new graphics architecture based on Quartz which results in better performance, compatibility and flash support. I didn't think it was possible but 2.0 is actually quicker than 1.x, a trend which is reversed in Firefox.

As with any Alpha it has it's problems and it's almost guaranteed to crashed. Camino is a unique browser with some nifty features (Page ad-blocking), please test and submit any bugs that you find. If you have any feature request be sure to contact them. If you feel you can help out with with development head here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

iTunes does it again!

Two days before the official release and Folie a deux is available on iTunes! If only it was available as a hard copy this early, I still have to wait till tuesday to get it :( But the previews sound awesome!

Uploaded using LittleSnapper from RealMac Software

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MobileMe Status update: It still sucks!

"A product they would be proud of by christmas" they said, well its that month of the year and yet the MobileMe web interface still sucks majorly. Browsing the inbox, reading a message, composing a message, changing settings, editing the address book or adding photos to a gallery is a scary job because at any point the browser will just refresh, taking you back to the main mail screen. Not saving your settings or even the message you were working on, its just gone for you to start all over agin. I paid money for this service from one of the most creditable companies in the world and yet they deliver a product that makes Hotmail or Live Mail look impressive. Apart from messages not showing up in sent items (or not being sent at all) I have not been able to add photos to my web galleries from iPhoto, forcing me to use the web interface.

I have the setup the Apple developers dream of, an high spec mac portable, latest OS and version of Safari. MobileMe should work like a dream, like every other product they have released to date. From day one this service has not got any better.

Monday, December 1, 2008

8 years of outback living are coming to an end!

Eight years, 2 stations and thousands of memories, my life in the outback is about to come to an end. In one week, me and the folks will be jumping in the car on the way to Perth to move me into our new house were I will be living for at least 4 years. Why 4 years? Thats the length of my Diploma in Electrotechnology course that I will be taking at TAFE. I will also be working part-time as an Apple Service Technician for Digilife, whom I have been working with since 2006. I always knew that I would be moving down south but now that all my stuff is in the truck as we speak and I sit here typing this on MacBook Pro with only one week to go it all has become scary real. Questions race through my head like: Will I be able to live alone? Will I be able to handle TAFE? Will I be able to feed myself? But luckily I will be living with my uncle and my twin brother so we should be okay. I have also been looking back on the eight years of station life and some of the things I got to do and see. Things like flying helicopters, aeroplanes, driving trucks, loaders, motorbikes, being a mechanic, watching calves being born, building things and having just outrageous amounts of fun. I thought I would share some photos with you of some of these things.
Me servicing our helicopter with the mechanic.
The dusty cattle yards near the end of the season, its around 45 degrees celsius by now.
Dad in our old helicopter. Unfortunately around 70% of my photos are on the external hard drive that accompanies the rest of my gear in truck making its way down to Perth, but I have grabbed a couple more and posted it to a MobileMe Photo gallery, here.