Monday, September 1, 2008

My ride is having a break

My project bike, a 2002 Yamaha WRF250 moto/enduro bike has served me well both the time working on it and riding, the best times being the riding with mates and scaring the shit out of ourselves. My daily ride after school is fairly simple, just go out for a run down to the creek and back, about 8kms as it's not safe to go any further by yourself. I got this bike second hand and it has not lived the nicest life before and time is catching up with it, specifically a weird "bearing about to break" noise within the bottom end of the engine. Well today it finally broke, shutting the engine down and pouring white smoke out of the breathers and exhaust, basically not good. Thankfully dad was driving past when it happened so came and got me, loaded my bike onto the ute and headed home. So now my pride and joy is sitting in the shed until I save enough money to get a rebuild kit for it, around $600AUD and unfortunately this is not a good time with me leaving school, moving down south, starting a life of my own and all that, money is a bit short. The top photo is of it when I finished rebuilding it, which involved new fenders, lights, grips, levers, sprockets, chain and super lightweight performance exhaust. The image below is of me at the cost near the sand dunes having a great time, ah the good times.

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