Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome, this is exciting!

Google has just announced, alongside a very cool comic, a new open source browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X based on WebKit. The whole browser is designed to run like a mini OS, each tab has it's own system process so when it crashes, only the affected tab locks up. This unique design (For a browser, people) enables higher performing memory management that can reset tabs when going to a new un-related tab and when a tab is closed, every piece of memory is reclaimed by the OS. Built into the browser is a resource viewer, giving detailed information about what each tab (each process) is doing such a network, javascript, memory and status etc. They do admit that it will require a slightly larger memory footprint when first opened but the benefits are realized immediately once more than one tab is opened. While I'm not the biggest fan of Google interfaces, I'm extremely excited about the true next generation browser and when the Windows version is released tomorrow I'll post my thoughts on it. I'm disappointed with Firefox 3's final performance and page load times so if Apple's webKit based browser, Safari is anything to go by Chrome is going to be awesome. I just really hope the interface in Mac OS X is a full fledged Cocoa, that would be really nice.

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