Sunday, September 14, 2008

Neyo & Kanye West - keeping it fresh!

I'm a major fan of both Neyo and Kanye West, whom are about to release new music for the world. Neyo is about to release his third studio album, Year of the Gentleman which much like is his first two is amazing. I had the chance to listen to a preview of the full album and the songs 'Mad' and 'Why does she stay?' are amazing, taking his professionalism and emotion to the next level, people look up to this guy! September 16th his new album drops so go and get it!

One of the slickest album covers I have seen for a while, released during the VMA's, Kanye's new single is special. At no point does he rap, not even sing quick enough to be a little rap, using the Auto-Tune system made popular by T-Pain, Kanye sings the entire song which is a first for him. Love Lockdown, performed as the last song of the VMA's, had passion and power that is released through all of his songs but unfortunately the studio version does not share that power. In particular the chorus, where it feels he is too scared to really sing and push his voice but hopefully the non-web version sounds better!

Neyo Sept 16th!!!!
Kanye - Love Lockdown

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