Saturday, September 13, 2008

iPhone 3G 2.1 Update

iPhone update 2.1 downloaded and installed on my iPhone 3G, my thoughts:

Performance! Since day one my iPhone has not been able to match the smooth animations, app loading and accelerometer sensitivity of my iPod touch, not to mention the almost unusable contacts app. Animations (unlocking, opening & closing apps, zooming in Safari) are now smoother than ever, this includes scrolling through thousands of songs. Applications load quicker, 'settings' in particular are opened and ready for use. Safari moves and zooms around pages with ease, no more locking and crashing! Now the contacts app was slow the navigate, search and took ages to open a contact well now it's as fast as my iPod touch and thats fast! THANKYOU!!! Syncing is now quicker, backup takes around quarter of the time (my guess it uses the same method as Time Machine, ie backup what's changed). I have noticed a couple interface differences, two actually, the first could have been in any release since this is my first update since 2.0 and the second is new. When using the 'Remote' application, songs in a playlist are accompanied by small grey text displaying the album and artist. It's an excellent idea and became #1 on my iPhone wanted list, well now I can mark it off, this is a screenshot from my phone in my recently added playlist:

With the introduction of the iTunes genius, it has made it's way onto my iPhone in the form of it's own playlist and a new option on the heads-up-display in the now playing screen as demonstrated below;

This update finally reminds me why I bought it, it's bringing back Apple quality. Quality that always works and doesn't crash but only time will tell. The iPhone is now more of a dream to use, instead of a chore that didn't demo well. Thankyou Apple, good job! Now for some features please, my wish list:

#1: Video Recording
#2: MMS Messaging
#3: Copy-Paste :)

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