Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Welcome new readers and loyal followers from my live space blog. This is my new home, "but why did I leave live space?" well there are two main reasons: 1) Live Space is incredibly slow and doesn't really resemble a 'proper' blog and 2) The customisation's of blogger is unmatched by Live Spaces. I was originally drawn to blogger from my fellow Rural Management Team developer, Donald and his awesome blog. Now that is out of the way, what can you expect from my new blog? Dedication, my experiences in learning to be a software developer and designer, the journey of bringing Rural Management and other projects to reality as well as other ramblings :) Which also means the post are just going to be about me or things related to me. As I hit milestones with my life and projects, you will know about it. When I learn something new or cool, you will know about it. At the moment I'm learning XAML/WPF with Expression Blend and when I get the time I'm learning the basics of C#. Stay tuned!

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