Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two books for learning C# and WPF

As readers of my previous blog will know, I'm learning WPF/XAML along with C# to develop next generation windows applications. When I first began my journey, WPF was a daunting prospect and C# looked impossible to master (Still does :)). Tutorials may be a good thing for learning Photoshop but it doesn't work all that well when learning a system graphics environment or a coding language. Donald recommended that I read these two books, Illustrated C# 2008 and Pro WPF in C# 2008, both published by Aspress. In my early developments I can honestly say that I did skip over some of the 'basics' related to programming, which I believe added to my fear of learning a new code language. Illustrated C# is a great book, it first presents a small amount of history on C# and then gets down to the basics of this new language. Already I have become more comfortable and confident that I can master this programming language. I can also say I did the same thing with WPF, jumped right in and started building applications which resulted in getting pretty confident with my tools but not with the technology and language itself. Pro WPF in C#, much like Illustrated C# explains a little history and then gets down to building a foundation for further learning and having a quick flick through I know this will be a very valuable source.

I know I said that I would provide information and help on learning these technologies as I learnt, unfortunately I haven't been keeping that promise lately but that will change :). Along with recommending these books, I will provide posts on aspects of WPF and C# as I learn them. This helps me to get a better grip on it as well as helping you guys to learn as well. I hope this all helps.

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