Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No support for Australia in DL2


Delicious Library is one of the most unique applications on the Mac for cataloging you physical media such as Books, Games, CDs and Movies. Delicious Library 2 will be out very soon and 1 request I had for this major update is support for Australian barcodes in the iSight scanner but unfortunately that wont be. DL connects to Amazon for searching and adding items to the library, Amazon doesn't have an Australian store so I'm out of luck. The very helpful support lady assured me that I will still be able search via 'Name' which isn't quite as quick and easy as barcode scanning but it all results. Check out the website  for more details on Delicious Library.

The main developer on this project, Wil Shipley is my idol when it comes to developing, check out his personal blog for tips and insights into his genius.

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