Thursday, October 16, 2008

Numbers 08: Interesting Bits

One of the greatest movies on the planet, The Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy, contains a massive supercomputer called Deep Thought. This computer when ask 'the question' returns an answer of 42, much to the dismay of it's designers and supporters but what does this have to do with Numbers, the great spreadsheet app from a certain fruit company. Well it appears that the certain fruit company also likes this film, check out the screenshot for the 'Cells' option on the inspector, its says 42!!! That is so cool :)
Another little interesting tidbit I came accross today that I have not seen in either Pages or Keynote is that when a table and it's legend are grouped together, the sheet cannot be deleted as displayed in the following screenshot.

Performing the exact same chart creation and grouping within Pages and Keynote doesn't prevent the page or slide from being deleted. This is highly unlike Apple, they have presented the user with instructions on how to fix it instead of offering to do it itself and it's not even like the charts related table is on a different sheet. This one is actually quite weird.

Seen any other little bugs/feature requests for iWork, drop a comment.

I provide feedback on Apple products all the time but my most highly recommended new feature is an update to the alignment system by providing measurements between other shapes and objects on the canvas. (Much like Interface Builder). Another is the ability to add gradients to text instead of just solid colours, that would be really sweet.

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