Sunday, October 12, 2008

iTunes store rant

Now that apple has changed the rules on the app store that only if you have purchased the app can you submit a review, what they need to do is apply that to the music store. Things like 'this song sounds awesome' and 'I might purchase it' annoy the crap out of me. Make some room for people who have actually purchased the song please. My main rant is also about the user reviews, 'click yes if you agree', WTF!, do you see a 'yes' button anywhere? (have a look, I'll wait... and no the 'Was this review helpful' question doesn't count. How hard is it for them to type 'yeah you should purchase this song', it ain't no friggin election.

On a side note, big shout out to Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup for winning todays bathurst enduro and returning to the top of the championship, bring it home for Ford guys!

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