Friday, October 17, 2008

MobileMe, refreshes for your pleasure

Recently my desktop mail app has started crashing upon launch and with me being lockdown with assignments for the rest of the week haven't had a chance to fix it so I have been forced to use the MobileMe web interface. At first I thought it was cool when you woke ya mac from sleep it would refresh but when it does it while you are trying to do something, that is annoying. Like composing a message and it just randomly refreshes which takes me back to the inbox without even saving my message to drafts! Most of the time messages will arrive in my inbox without refreshing (AJAX) so why the hell is it refreshing all the time?? Yeah I can understand some hiccups after launch but not several months after, this is a damn Apple product, yeah but unfortunately that world class quality is present here. I have already been given around 3 months free on my subscription but I would gladly trade that for a service that works as advertised. Take a look at the image above and then at Apple's advertising below, I don't get no shiny red unread count so I'm surprised the calendar icon actually works! I'm using a mac with safari, you couldn't get a more perfect setup for an Apple service.

I don't use most of the sync services with my Mac and iPhone until I go somewhere which isn't very often living in the outback but the IMAP works great with the on my desktop so I better get that fixed soon.

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