Saturday, November 22, 2008

iTunes proves me wrong: 808s & Heartbreak

So I'm browsing the US itunes store because they get new music around a year before the Australian store and I notice Kanye's new "out of nowhere" album, 808's & Heartbreak is available for pre-order. So I race back to the Aussie store to find that not only is it on the store but its available for purchase! 2 days before the official release! This is an iTunes first, a product is purchasable before the US store, a round of applause people. So I'm thinking that Kanye made a mistake when uploading to the store or Apple has stuffed up, either way someone may be getting in trouble for this. I like to purchase hard copies of special albums like this so I just purchased the song "RoboCop" (I already have Love Lockdown and Heartless) and it's amazing! Probably one the best songs on the album, right next to Coldest Winter. Get this album, it does not disappoint!

P.S. Kanye holds the world iTunes record for the highest release day sales of any artist with his current album, Graduation, lets see if he can break it again!

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