Friday, November 14, 2008

Coda helps me learn...

At the moment I'm learning how to write websites by hand using XHTML, CSS, and Javascript in a sweet app called Coda from Panic. Coda has a feature called Clips, which allow for code snippets to be saved for later so they can be accessed via double clicking or assigning a text link to it. As in the screenshot below, when I learn how to do something new I add it to the clips manager, some just as reusable code snippets while others contain documentation on that code.

The image below is a reusable code snippet with a selection placeholder, when the code is inserted the curser is placed at this location.

The image below is one that contains several code snippets with documentation that explains types and attributes that can be modified in that snippet.

While it may not be what it was intended for, I find this to be an excellent way to organize what I learn, as they are always a shortcut away inside of my favourite coding app. I have an "xdoc" snippet that includes the namespace, declaration, head & body attributes for an XHTML Transitional document. Saves time and is always there for when I need it. So far so good. Coda is one excellent app!

PS. Hover over the XHTML and CSS :). Those and the links were coded by hand instead of using bloggers editor, so proud of myself.

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