Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello Optus and welcome to iPhone 3G

Today could have been seen as an eventful one, a little not so well known phone from a small fruit company was released today with little fanfare. Some stood outside for a number of hours in the cold and most of them got what they were after, but some of us actually have jobs to go to so all I could do was phone the carriers to see who would give me my iPhone.

I tried telstra first but because they were late join the game, they don't get their quota of iPhones till the 22nd. I was then informed that almost every single one has been taken by orders. I didn't even try Vodafone because of the well known fact that they stuffed up the launch something shocking and their plans are a joke. Next stop was optus who were more than grateful to sell me a black 16gb iPhone over the phone on one of their cap plans, but with a catch. My order is secured but unfortunately I don't take delivery until the 25th which sucks. So I have an iPhone but I don't actually have one in my hand. I work for an Apple store so the demo phone that Vodafone could supply was available for a play all day and here are my thoughts:

The design is very sophisticated and elegant.
The website photos do not do it justice.
It feels very solid and well built.
It's not as big as you think
The new metal buttons and silent toggle switch are high quality and feel very solid to use.
The vibrate mode feels very nice.
The black back smudges very easily!
Photo geotagging is cool.

I only got a little chance to play with the phone so I will provide a better overview when I get mine in a couple of days. One good thing about not being distracted by the gorgeous little phone is that I can continue to code my new iPhone applications with the SDK. So keep an eye on what's coming soon :)

Its cool to have an iPhone, it really sucks that I can't actually use it...

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