Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wil Shipley's WWDC 2005 Student Talk

Omni Group and Delicious Monster Software founder Wil Shipley is a friggen genius, I idolize the man for almost everything he does, because he does it well. While scouring the net for help on coding some new uber-cool feature for Fern I found this (quite old) post providing the slide show for a talk he did for Apple Students at WWDC 2005. I downloaded the slide show (as pdf) and even though there was no sound, it was inspiring, intelligent and funny in a way only Wil could pull off. I highly recommend heading to the post and downloading the slide show, I'm about to download the podcast that goes with it, mainly to hear Wil tell the jokes :).

Whenever I get annoyed or down about coding, I slowly sift my way through the archives on his blog, just building from the little pieces of genius that he provides to build my confidence up and inspire me to keep moving. I know the post is old but the content of that presentation still relates today. I'm off to bed now...

Link (In case you missed the first one :))

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