Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More problems with the GData API

As you know I have never been able to access this blog with the GData API from Google used by Fern and a number of other applications. 3 days ago while testing the new labels feature in Fern, my test blog suddenly disappeared off the radar, thinking maybe it was the new code I fired up Fern 0.2 with no luck, I launched the BloggerSample app included with the GData API and it was also unable to access my blogs. I have been trying to get this recognized on the Google Developer Discussions but it seems to keep getting ignored, it appears that more people are having trouble as well. One example is an organisation that has 2500 users accessing blogger are reporting that they cant fetch their blogs, the exact same problem I'm having.

If you are also having problems the GData API not fetching blogs, please add a reply to this discussion so that we can build some momentum on this issue, then maybe Google will step up with a fix or a least a reason as to why it's stopped working.

Fern 0.2.5 was set to be released June 20th but that may get pushed back while I fix this issue as I cannot test a new feature without being able to post to my test blog. If there are any Fern 0.2 users out there, please drop a comment saying if you can or cant post to your blogs.

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