Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fern 0.1 Completed

It's not a very momentous occasion but for those of you who follow the Fern development process I thought I would take this opportunity to announce that I have finished the first working version. (Fern is my native cocoa app for editing blogger blogs). Fern Version 0.1 is still very basic and is basically a rebuild of the google data API example but with a much nicer interface (my opinion anyway). The only other feature I have added for this release is that new posts can have titles, something that was not available in the example app. I have tested HTML with this version and as you can tell from the test blog that it works without fault, even images that were pre-coded from the web interface. The API is very intelligent and makes my job heaps easier. Check out the screenshot here and please note that the interface is no where near the final design, it was built to make sure I can get the basics working, but please let me know of any comments, tips or feature requests. I'm not making it just for me :)

Unfortunately I'm not posting this with Fern as I still haven't sorted out the google accounts issue as described in the post below. Check out the Blogger Help Group for my message if you know how to help or just leave a comment to either of my blog posts. Stay tuned here and on the test blog to keep track of development.

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Jeff Scudder said...

Since you are using the Google data API for Blogger, you might have better luck with your question in the BloggerDev discussion group:

Perhaps I'll see you there ;)