Saturday, May 2, 2009

QuickPost Status

So after I a two week break at home I return to the big city to continue work on my blog editor, QuickPost so I thought i'd provide a little update of where I'm at. Offline editing, account storage, multiple blogs, twitter & support and a new Editor. "What else is there to do"? you ask, well I want to take a second to talk about the new editor. 

Its really neat and powerful, providing full rich text editing, images, videos and maps. It was rebuilt soon after the first beta was released as it was found to not handle large amounts of text very well but the new editor requires more code to do the... editing. Which is all fine and well but when it comes to showing the source code, it all comes to a screeching halt. So in other words, it's not very efficient and stable when working with the HTML source code. But I'm making small steps to building a better editor with the help of some famous developers, hopefully in only a little while I should have a beta out for you guys. The beta will be google only but wordpress has been tested to work but requires more time to implement it into the app properly. 

I wrote and published this using QuickPost Beta 2 as proof of the progress I'm making. If you want to join the beta team, just drop a comment on this post until I have the new signup page finished. So much to do! 

cheers guys!

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