Thursday, May 28, 2009

Introducing QuickPost Beta 2

Exactly 5 months in the making, I'd like to introduce the second beta of QuickPost for Mac. Beta 2 is one incredible update due to the fact that almost none of the code from the first beta is present in this one, thats right it was built from the ground up. Finished 2 days ago, it's been in private testing while I finish the new website which I'm extremely proud about so go check it out to get the full details on this new release.

New Stuff
  • Offline Post Storage
  • Multiple Blog and User accounts
  • More powerful and stable visual editor
  • Source code editing
  • URL Shortening
  • Tweeting new posts
  • Search and add maps and videos to entries
  • Higher control of web images
  • Powerful hyperlink creator for websites and mail-to links
  • Smoother posting
  • Text formatting
  • Interface
These are just to name a few, head to the website to check out the release notes and download the latest beta. It works with Mac OS X 10.5+ and Google Blogger. Support for wordpress and more coming soon, here's proof.

Please download, if you like, love or hate something about the app, use the built in feedback (In the QuickPost menu) to let me know :). Or just post a comment here. Just remember that this is a beta app so the features, interface, icons and finish are not final and will change over time.

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