Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0...Wow

I woke up this morning to a whole bunch of new information regarding the iPhone OS upgrade from the Apple media event and wow. Over a thousand new API's for developers including the much delayed Push Notification System, in-app purchasing, live content streaming and access to hardware to name a few. For consumers they finally get cut, copy & paste and in true Apple fashion, it works brilliantly in almost every app! I'm not going to copy what has been said on the likes of TUAW and Engadget but as of now every request I wanted for the OS has been met. This includes MMS support in the form of a new messaging app, the ability to search your music not to mention everything else, increased Bluetooth support and landscape keyboards for Mail and SMS!!!!!. They also laid to rest a few common talking points including background apps and why the Push System was delayed though the App Store Approval process got the typical/standard/boring/not helpful response from the iPhone team.

1000 new API's, that is truly incredible for any platform. They applications demonstrated at the event were very cool, putting the in-app purchasing and notifications to good use. So when the update appears in iTunes for free ($10 iTouch) sometime in June, expect some amazing applications to go with it. Obviously there is long way to go and it will be interesting to see what gets added and what gets dropped.

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