Monday, February 9, 2009

WALL-E & Steve Jobs

Wall-E is one beautiful movie, both graphically and emotionally, something that could only be produced by a company like Pixar. After the pixar computer was developed at Lucasfilm, Steve Jobs purchased it and turned it into a viable company (have I heard this before?) before it was purchased by Disney. That purchase makes Steve Jobs the single biggest share holder of the Disney company, now with that out of the way here is the actual reason of the post: Upon purchasing the DVD for Wall-E I found two little easter eggs on the main screen (The B&L logo and the compass), clicking the compass opens the screen you see above. This provides the overview for the short title clip that was used in the pitch for Wall-E to John Lasseter and Steve Jobs. I love the last bit "Steve Jobs' un-enthusiastic response was: "I don't like the title."" After  20 minute demo and that was all he could say...he is a salesman, pitch is everything. Wall-E is ripe with Apple goodness from the 'Mac Chime' that plays when he boots up, the iPod he keeps and EVE being designed by John Ive, the worlds finest industrial designer. Johny Ive is responsible for the design of the iMac that saved Apple (and every mac that followed), the iPod, iPhone and more recently the worlds most advanced notebook, the MacBook. Just thought I would share this little 'Steve Jobs Moment' for you all. :) Want to see it for yourself, click the compass. Screenshot below.

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