Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leopard Intro Movie Found

I have finally found the absolutely stunning intro movie that comes with leopard, viewed when setting up a new machine or fresh install of the OS. While browsing the example Quartz projects included with Xcode I found the file path of the mysterious video and I'm going to tell you how to get it. Disclaimer: This file is deep within system critical files, do not move, delete or rename anything inside. I accept no responsibility if you screw up :). Maybe you should make a backup if you are not sure. Lets begin shall we?

To begin, locate the 'System' folder on your boot drive and follow this path: System > Library > CoreServices. Inside of this folder you will find an app called 'Setup Assitant', right click it and select 'Show Package Contents' as indicated below.

In the new finder window that opens up navigate: Contents > Resources and locate a file callled 'TransitionSection.bundle', right click it and select 'Show Package Contents".

In the new window that opens navigate: Contents > Resources and you will see the video file which you can copy to a more convenient location(Make sure not to remove it when copying). If you want the snazzy song that goes with it, the file intro-sound.mp3 will complete the experience.

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