Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Alex Mills Design preview page

With 2009 here and no equivalent design website ready, something had to be done to indicate that 2009 will offer significantly different services and style. My first true XHTML/CSS page, giving you the option to view this blog to keep track, Donalds or continue onto the current website. One unique thing about this page is that it was designed and built completely in Keynote 09, using Skitch to extract the images into Coda for engineering.
2 major updates to Keynote that allowed me to do this easily was the new measurement system (my major feedback request...they listened), resulting in accurate real world measurement and common placement guides. An example below. The second is that a 1px stroke on a shape is a 1px stroke, no shadowy crap like in iWork 08. I will post an overview later on, as you know I design my websites, interfaces and icons in Apple Keynote, using in-app graphics and photoshop. Nothing can touch the layout system in this app.

Check out the page and let me know what ya think. See anything out of aligned or another error, please let me know. It has been tested with mac browsers (Firefox 3, Safari 3 & Camino 2.0) and iPhone with no issues.

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