Sunday, January 25, 2009

Introducing QuickPost 1.0 Beta 1

QuickPost is a new blogging application designed for the Google Blogger service. Based upon the new FernEngine, a Javascript based WYSIWYG editor. QuickPost is a testing platform for the editor that will be built into Fern, a premium editor coming soon. With QuickPost you can write blog entries with labels, login with your google account, select your blog and post. It's that simple.

The editor is capable of making text bold, underlined, italic, linked, strikethrough, superscript & subscript.
Text can also be any color.

Text & images can also be aligned in the centre
or to the left.
The complete editor toolbar is below:

The labels field:

The login view is below:

QuickPost is in Beta, there are still things to be done to this app, as well as the FernEngine before either of it can be implemented into Fern itself. Especially in regards to how images are handled. It's still impressively quick. Please download and test, if you have an issues or want to add something, drop a comment here.

Posted Screenshot

Requires Mac OS X 10.5, Google Account

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