Friday, December 19, 2008

AMD, powered by Panic!

Tonight I completed the purchase of my new web development tools, both from Panic Inc. Apart from the Adobe CS4 tools Coda is my main web development app, as I have found nothing better! It has a brilliant text editor, awesome CSS interface (better than CSSEdit) and fantastic web preview, coupled with the built-in transmit engine making remote file changes easy. I have been using Coda since it came out around a year ago and it just keeps getting better and better!

My FTP app was originally the free Cyberduck but when it's not crashing its transfers were painfully slow so I tried Flow from Extendmac and Transmit from Panic. Flow has a real nice leopard interface but only once in 50 tries was it able to connect to my server. Trasmit is quick, simple and feature packed, plus it actually works with my server! It's rock solid, never crashes and transfer havent failed yet and they are soo fast.

So both of my web development tools come from an independant mac developer, Panic Inc, hopefully more people will stop using the crap that has been coming from companies like Adobe and support the smaller two man teams. The software is better, support is more personal and you put food on the table, what could be better? The guys at Panic are really cool and they make amazing software!

Coda costs $99 here and Transmit costs $29.95 here.

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