Monday, December 1, 2008

8 years of outback living are coming to an end!

Eight years, 2 stations and thousands of memories, my life in the outback is about to come to an end. In one week, me and the folks will be jumping in the car on the way to Perth to move me into our new house were I will be living for at least 4 years. Why 4 years? Thats the length of my Diploma in Electrotechnology course that I will be taking at TAFE. I will also be working part-time as an Apple Service Technician for Digilife, whom I have been working with since 2006. I always knew that I would be moving down south but now that all my stuff is in the truck as we speak and I sit here typing this on MacBook Pro with only one week to go it all has become scary real. Questions race through my head like: Will I be able to live alone? Will I be able to handle TAFE? Will I be able to feed myself? But luckily I will be living with my uncle and my twin brother so we should be okay. I have also been looking back on the eight years of station life and some of the things I got to do and see. Things like flying helicopters, aeroplanes, driving trucks, loaders, motorbikes, being a mechanic, watching calves being born, building things and having just outrageous amounts of fun. I thought I would share some photos with you of some of these things.
Me servicing our helicopter with the mechanic.
The dusty cattle yards near the end of the season, its around 45 degrees celsius by now.
Dad in our old helicopter. Unfortunately around 70% of my photos are on the external hard drive that accompanies the rest of my gear in truck making its way down to Perth, but I have grabbed a couple more and posted it to a MobileMe Photo gallery, here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, good to hear your are going to TAFE. Elecrotechnology eh, that's a cool one. I believe you'll be just fine, besides you'll be with a different unit of your family- which is still your family- so it is not like you'd be living with total strangers (as it is in my case over her at Ashesi university). I'm happy for you my friend :) enjoy every bit of TAFE.